Major Seventh Chords- Oh, so sweet

I have to say that I just love the sound of a Major Seventh Chords. They remind me of leaves flying in the breeze on a crisp fall day (sorry, but they do!). These Seventh chords are not nearly as common as the minor seventh or the dominant seventh chords, but they are very beautiful in their own right.

So what are Major Seventh Chords? Well, a major seventh chord (maj7) is formed with the root, third, fifth and seventh notes in a major scale. If you don't know your major scales but do know your major chords, then this other way of getting the notes is easy too. Play the major chord, then add the seventh which is one HALF STEP below the root. Play that note (which is the seventh) up the octave.

A CMaj7 chord would therefore consist of C-E-G-B.
A GMaj7 chord would be G-B-D-F#.

You see major seventh chords a lot in jazz. A song that everyone knows that has lots of major seventh chords in it is "Misty".

See you next time when we discuss other types of seventh chords or check out
Yours truly,
Debbie Gruber


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