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Audio Interview with blues piano man
November 11, 2009

Wednesday,November 11, 2009


I'm very excited to share this interview with you. Not only because it is with an incredible blues and boogie-woogie pianist by the name of Radoslav Lorkovic but because you will hear a lot of his actual playing.

That's right, you are hearing the actual audio interview that I did with Radoslov in Iowa. He plays on the recording and you will hear some amazing tricks. Here is his website first.

Radoslav Lorkovic website
Now here is the interview. Just click on this link. The first 30 seconds are rough, just my trying to get the service I use to record this to work properly. Hang in there. After the first minute, it sounds great! enjoy.

Audio Interview
See you in a week or so. Got some outstanding interviews lined up after this one - way cool - Broadway composers and artists of the highest degree!


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