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eNotes - pop chord progression
December 31, 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


If you are reading this issue of eNotes now, you are going to be shoveling soon if you live in the Northeast. Well, what better time than New Year's Eve!

Just found this interesting article (has an audio clip with it too) in the Boston Globe about a very popular chord progression. My mom in Boston just called and told me about it! Thought you'd find this pretty neat. No, it's not the standard one that is used in "Heart and Soul" and "Blue Moon". The author calls this one the "sensitive female chord progression". Love that!

Sensitive Female Chord Progression
What did you think of that amazing "Stand By Me" video I sent to you last week? If you haven't seen it, you've gotta click on it. I hate to say this, but that video reinforces the all-too-overused expression that "music is the universal language".

The Piano EXPRESS DVD is almost ready!

The video has been recorded, edited and reedited. Now all the bells and whistles have to be added(pretty design, background music etc). I think it came out very well (although I wish I hadn't worn that maroon sweater. Also a necklace would have been nice)It'll be a great companion DVD to the book and CD. I show you how to execute EVERYTHING. It'll be available on the website and at all of the upcoming winter classes soon. Cost around $20 I think.

Have a Happy New Year! And many thanks for subscribing to eNotes. I hope you enjoy the lessons, interviews, tips and links. I really love sending them. Lots more in store for 2009!

Be safe and well and I'll see you (figuratively speaking)next week.

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