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eNotes - July 14, 2008
July 14, 2008

Here is your next edition of eNotes. I thought I would have the transcription of my interview with opera singer, Kathleen Flynn all ready to go by now, but alas, I am a bit behind on that. She has very insightful comments about music - differences between classical and pop. She also talks about what makes music powerful, whether it is piano playing or singing or playing another instrument. Very interesting comments from a performer who has her D.M.A. (Doctorate of Musical Arts) who has incredible experience performing world-wide (Carnegie Hall, Aspen Music Festival etc.) and is getting ready to audition at the Met! I will share this interview with you as soon as I am done typing it up. I'm sure you'll really enjoy reading it.

Classes are all firmed up for the fall season, believe it or not. I will send a full schedule to you shortly, replete with links and detailed information. Upcoming classes in September and October include:

Cambridge Center - September 27th, "Instant Piano" and "Shower Singing in Public"

Concord/Carlisle Adult Education -October 2, "Instant Piano"

Assabet Valley Regional Technical School - October 7, "Shower Singing in Public"

Boston Center for Adult Education - October 17, "Shower Singing in Public"

Brookline Center for Adult Education - October 25, "Instant Piano" and "You Can Play the Blues"

All "Instant Piano" classes are using a new text book now, "The Piano Express", of course! Similar material is covered as in the text that was used for Instant Piano ("The Chord Approach to Piano")except that there are a few major differences:

1. Songs are all different
2. There is a whole chapter on Minor chords
3. There is a whole chapter on Minor Seventh Chords
4. Primary Chords and Key Signatures
5. Chapter on Transposition
6. Chapter on Basic Accompaniment patterns

Here is your next lesson. It is all about the wonderful seventh chords. ENJOY!
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