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Adding a Ninth today?
July 06, 2019

Saturday, July 6, 2019


Happy 4th!! I'm so excited to send you this lesson since it has been 5 weeks!

This lesson is about adding ninths to your chords. Does the chart have to say ninths? Not at all, not even a little tiny bit. But you can add them wherever or whenever as long as it sounds good to your ear,
Make sure to read the description under the video which explains in more detail how you play a chord that will automatically add the ninth.

Click Here to Watch Lesson

Now, at the last eNotes, I mentioned that I was driving to the store to get ingredients to make Chocolate Mint cookies. Well, I did that and then some. I've been baking cookies galore and I have been enjoying it so much (I had a cookie business when I was 14 too), I decided to start a small side business called Milk & Cookies
Check it out here!

And please Like and Share the latest post if you want to hear more and spread the word. I've been told I make a "mean" salted caramel chocolate chip cookie (wait, I'm not mean). My husband wants me to rename it "Cookie Mama" but we'll see 'bout that......

Milk & Cookies

No worries though! I still love, love, love teaching and playing the piano. I will be teaching classes, sending out eNotes and performing at restaurants and parties.
Music will always be my first love but baking cookies is a close second!

Bake to Piano (oops, I meant back) So remember, Love Your Piano And It Will Love You Back!
Much love,
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