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More Blues!
September 25, 2015


Friday, September 25, 2015,

This week's lesson continues where last week's lesson left off. Today we are using the same voicings for the F7, Bb7 and C7 chords and adding a simple blues riff on top of it with the right hand. Then, we will vary that riff rhythmically by starting on different beats in the measure.

If you can watch this video while sitting at your piano or keyboard, it will be most effective.

Have fun with this!

Watch The Video

35 Ways to Break Up the Chord With the Left Hand DVD

The DVD has been recorded and is now off to get "prettied up" with a professional graphic designer touch. Yeah! That will be done October 9th and then it needs to be duplicated. I hope for it to be available by mid-October. Can't wait to share this with you!!

These are not sophisticated jazz voicings, but rather lots of ways to break up the chord using single note, chordal and blues patterns. This will give you TONS of options when reading from your favorite fake book. Continue to stay tuned!

Enjoy your weekend.
And remember, love your piano and it will love you back.
p.s. People have been emailing me about the availability of all products digitally. Most products are available digitally except The Piano Express DVD.

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