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Bill Evans Chord Voicing
February 04, 2015

Tuesday, February 4, 2015


This video teaches you a gorgeous voicing for a dominant seventh chord (like C7, G7, D7 etc). You play the 3rd and 7th in the left hand and play a double fourth shape in the right hand built on the 9th of the chord. I know, that sounds very technical but I will take you through it slowly on the video so you can see and hear what I am doing. I hope you like this and will use this for your songs. It's a killer voicing!

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If you live near the Boston area, i will be teaching two classes at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education this Saturday. One is a piano class and the other is a singing class. Come spend the day! I'd love to meet you. Here is a link to sign up.
Cambridge Center for Adult Education
Well, stay warm, have a mug of hot chocolate, sit by your piano and be comforted by your beautiful chord voicing!
All my best,
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