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October 20, 2007


Hello Students!

This edition of eNotes will let you know about some great upcoming concerts, events, classes and interviews!

I am currently lining up interviews with a well-known cabaret singer and accompaniest in Boston, John O'Neil. Also, I will be interviewing Paul Stiller, teacher at the Berklee College of Music and member of the nationally award-winning a cappella group Vox One. You can look forward to reading interviews with one (or both) of those gentlemen in the next issue!

Also, pianist extraordinaire, Mark Shilansky, who teaches at Berklee and is an amazing jazz pianist will be having a CD release party at Scullers in Cambridge this Tuesday night at 8 PM with his incredible band. Tickets are $15 and you can get them at the door. I strongly recommend seeing him! You'll be so inspired and Scullers is a great jazz room. I'll be there too. Go to for more info about this amazing musician.

Mark Shilansky website Go on Mark's website to hear some of his tunes.

There are a few openings left for two new classes I am offering.

1) HOLIDAY PIANO WORKSHOP - November 15 10AM - 1 PM at Martin Snow Pianos in Marshfield. $75 includes book and CD. Great follow-up class to Instant Piano class. You'll get a hand at trying out some fancier chords and embellishment techniques that I could only hint at in the Instant Piano class. Plus you can try out everything with your very own piano! Send check to PO Box 1360, Burlington, MA 01803 to reserve your spot. 4 spots still open.

2) PIANO FOR SINGERS - HOW TO ACCOMPANY YOURSELF OR LEAD A SING-A-LONG AT YOUR NEXT PARTY - November 27th 6:30 - 9:30 PM at my house in Burlington. $75 includes book and 2 CD's. Let's set the goal that you will have a sing-a-long by the holidays. Lots of work on chords, transposing music, and how to play in an accompaniment style rather than a solo style. Send chekc to PO Box 1360, Burlington, MA 01803 to reserve your spot. 3 spots available.

For classes in the Adult Education Centers go to and then click on Schedule for links to the centers for easy registration.

Easy Piano Styles website

I HAVE EXCITING NEWS. Your's truly, that's me, is going to be doing a show on WRKO RADIO AM 680 Todd Feinburg, the popular afternoon talk show host who is currently filling in for Howie Carr, has a show M-F from 3 - 7 PM and has invited me to join him for a day. I will surely let you know when the exact day and time will be!! Check out the show anyhow, before I am on it. He's very entertaining, provocative, funny and informative.

Well, that's it for now. If you have any questions about the classes, concerts, shows, feel free to email me. I'd be happy to discuss what class might be best for you.

Debbie Gruber

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