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Introducing Covergirls
November 21, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009


This issue of eNotes contains the following:

1)Upcoming Class in 2 weeks

2)Upcoming Interview!! You won't believe this!

3)Your feedback on Audio Interviews

4) New Vocal/Piano Duo called the "Covergirls" with yours truly, that's me, on piano and vocals.

Upcoming Class on December 5, 2009

The last class before January is the Instant Piano for Hopelessly Busy People, using The Piano Express as the text. This is a beginner class BUT it is advised that you know the notes on the piano and the notes on the treble clef. This class is priced below the average price for this class at other places (I believe it's around $62) for 3 hours. Here's a link to register.
Boston Center for Adult Education

Exciting Upcoming Interview

I have just received word from Stephen Schwartz's personal assistant, that he has agreed for me to interview him in January. In case you don't know who Stephen Schwartz is, I have included a link here. He wrote the musicals Pippin, Godspell, Wicked and Pocohantas. He has won numerous awards including two Academy Awards, Grammy and Tony Awards! If you have a particular question in mind that you'd like me to ask him, just let me know. I won't be able to include all questions in my interview however.

Stephen Schwartz - Broadway Composer

Your Feedback please

How did you like the audio interview? Did you enjoy listening to the artist speak and, in the case of Radoslav, demonstrate on the piano? I'd love to know whether it is worth investing in this audio service. Thanks!

Introducing The Covergirls

My partner, Debye, and I have been rehearsing for 9 months and are now ready to take our show "on the road". Check out our website to hear us. Click on the forward button on the home page to hear bits of all of our songs. Keep us in mind for any upcoming parties or events!

The Covergirls
Well, that just about "covers" it for today.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll touch base in a couple of weeks.

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