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What is a Diminished Chord?
January 25, 2019

Friday, January 25, 2019


Today's lesson is all about the underrated and under appreciated diminished chord. No wonder diminished chords have an inferiority complex. I mean, their name itself hardly engenders excitement and confidence.

But don't write them off just cause of their smallish name. They are rather uncommon (compared to the popular major and minor chords) but they have a very unique, quirky and foreboding sound. Gee, I sound like I'm describing wine.

Check this video out. It will describe how to construct them in a non-traditional way and how to use them. C'mon. You got 4 and 1/2 minutes to spare!

Click Here to Watch Lesson

That's it for me. Have a nice weekend and we'll talk soon. Oh, I almost forgot. I will be performing at the cozy Lincoln Inn in Woodstock Vermont on Valentines Day! I played there on New Year's Eve and had the 5 course meal. Stupendous!!

It's an amazing restaurant with rooms. In fact, it was voted in the TOP TEN RESTAURANTS IN THE UNITED STATES by Forbes Magazine. If you live nearby or looking for a fantastic 5 course meal, come!!! And tell them Debbie Gruber sent you! Here's a link.

The Lincoln Inn and Restaurant at The Covered Bridge

aka "your fearless leader" (fearless? oh no, but I do stuff anyway!)
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