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How Do You Learn This?
March 01, 2021

Monday, March 1, 2021


Well, happy March!!. It's a grey drizzly day here in metro Boston. Just makes me want to play a sultry ballad like "All the Things You Are". Wait. Gotta do that now.

Ok, I'm back. That felt good! Where were we? Ah yes the grey day. But it's March and getting warmer. Today's lesson is a practice technique that I love.

When approaching a new song, I will play the root of the chord in the left hand and the guide tones (3rd and 7th) in the right hand. This outlines the harmonic foundation of the song. After this I will play the melody.

I also try to make a practice of leafing through my fake books and doing this exercise with songs I have never seen before. It's a wonderful way to solidify the most important notes of any chord.

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Next Zoom Class - "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" Wednesday, March 10, 7-8:15pm

You will learn how to play this gorgeous ballad from My Fair Lady. You will receive the following:
1. The lead chart
2. One hour and 15 minute small class on Zoom
3. 15-20 minute video review of everything covered in the class 4. Instruction on playing the chords and ideas for breaking them up and adding tension notes, intro and ending and other fun embellishments.
Cost $20.

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Take care of yourself, stay well, and eat something yummy today,. I'm gonna treat myself to a vanilla cream donut and maybe play another beautiful ballad!


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