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March 21, 2021

Sunday, March 21, 2021


This week's eNotes is a follow-up lesson to last week's lesson on guide tones as some subscribers were asking questions about applying these guide tones in a song.

As a review, the guide tones of a 7th chord are the 3rd and flatted 7th of a chord. So for a C7, that would be E and Bb. If you notice, they comprise a tritone right there! A tritone is a diminished 5th or two notes that are 6 half steps or semi-tones away from each other.

But the E and Bb are the 7th and 3rd, respectively, of a Gb chord which is a tritone away from the C7. Because both the Gb and the C7 share the same 3rd and b7, they are related and can be used as substitutions for one another!

Here are the Tritone Substitutions for all Chords

C7 - Gb7
D7 - Ab7
Db7 - G7
Eb7 - B7
E7 - Bb7
F7 - B7

In the video lesson, I am using the ballad "There Will Never Be Another You" to use some tritone substitutions. Have a listen!

Click Here for Video Lesson

Live Zoom Class Coming Up

Next week, I will be announcing the song and the date for the one night Zoom learn-a-song class. Stay tuned! This one will be a up-tempo jazz standard....

Take care,. Thanks so much for joining me on this romping ride through piano land.

It's fun, huh?

With Much love and Appreciation,
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