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Could It Be That Simple?
March 28, 2021

Sunday, March 28, 2021


This week's eNotes is all about the two feel.

What's that you wonder? It's a way of organizing your song based on the pulse or beat of the music.

So, let's take common time, 4/4. In the left hand, we play two bass notes per chord representing the root and the fifth of the chord. Each note gets two beats, hence there are two notes per measure (two feel).

That's the basic structure

Then we add a little salt and pepper and maybe even some cumin and oregano and, voila, we've got


Have a listen and I'll explain.

Click Here for Video Lesson

Live Zoom Class Wednesday, April 7, 7-8pm

As promised, I am announcing our next live class song which will be "There Will Never Be Another You". We will be applying the two feel (with chromaticism, harmony, and embellishments) to this song.
The class will be 1 hour in length and will include the music as well as a 15-20 minute video that will summarize everything you've learned in the class!

Limit of 10 students.

I hope you will join me,.

Sending love and peace,

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