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Care for an Appetizer?
April 04, 2021

Monday, the April 5, 2021


There is a new name for the live classes we are running every month. The Series is now called PianoPalooza -One Night One Song

With the live zoom class coming up this Wednesday, I thought I’d give you a little taste of the class. You will be learning how to play “There Will Never Be Another You”

Here is a quote from Irene who has take several of these classes:

“I’ve enjoyed seeing the big picture about one possible way that a song can evolve. The follow-up video enables me to work at learning the song at my own pace. I also appreciate the useful practicing tips that Debbie offers and her advice to have fun experimenting in order to make the song your own.”

Click Here for Video Lesson

I hope you will join me,. Click here to register!

Happy Easter and Passover, my friend.

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