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Sure fire technique to Start Improvising
April 25, 2021

Sunday, April 25, 2021


Today’s lesson is all about starting the process of improvising.

Uh, oh, have I already scared you off? I understand just how intimidating it can be so in this lesson, I am giving you a simple technique to begin.

You see, much like other creative endeavors like acting, writing, or drawing or well, anything where you are making something from nothing, it requires a level of fearlessness. Less fear and more spontaneity.

Less care and more carelessness, if you will

So, for piano, we need sounds, notes, pitches and if you watch this video you will see a very cool and simple format for generating these sounds (musical ideas).
Let’s take a deep dive together.....

Click Here for Video Lesson

As usual, pick one of your favorite songs and give it a try!!

PianoPalooza - One Night One Song

As promised, the next song we will be learning is “Let It Be”by Lennon/McCartney.
As usual, you will receive a link to attend a live one hour Zoom class with me, the sheet music, a chord notation chart for the song and a 15-20 minute video summary of the class!

Classes always limited to 10 students.

The class will be Thursday, May 13th at 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Next week’s eNotes will provide a PayPal Registration button.

Take care and we’ll talk soon. In the meantime enjoy playing your piano!
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