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Another Great Technique for Beginning to Improvise
May 02, 2021

Sunday, May 2, 2021


Today’s lesson is all about continuing the process of improvising.

In last week’s lesson you learned about how to use the chromatic scale to generate “ideas” for improvising.

In this week’s lesson you will learn another technique which involves using the notes of the chords in the song.

The important criteria here is that you know the chords of the your song COLD so you can easily manipulate the notes as a basis for your improvisation!

Let’s get to it.

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PianoPalooza - One Night One Song - May 13, Thursday, 7-8pm

As promised, the next song we will be learning is the classic“Let It Be”by Lennon/McCartney.
As usual, you will receive a link to attend a live one hour Zoom class with me, the sheet music, a chord notation chart for the song and a 15-20 minute video summary of the class!

Classes always limited to 10 students.

I hope you will join us,!
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Take care and we’ll talk soon. Thanks for joining me and have a great week!

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