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30 Seconds of Awesome
May 10, 2021

Monday, May 10, 2021


Happy belated Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there! I am a proud mom of a son, Joe and a daughter, Claire.

Okay back to business. My lesson for you today is about rootless voicings. The two voicings are b7 -3-13 and 3-b7-9.
I will be demonstrating these voicings by themselves then putting them in a song called “Black Coffee”.

Click Here for Video Lesson

PianoPalooza - One Night One Song - May 13, Thursday, 7-8pm

As promised, the next song we will be learning is the classic“Let It Be”by Lennon/McCartney.
As usual, you will receive a link to attend a live one hour Zoom class with me, the sheet music, a chord notation chart for the song and a 15-20 minute video summary of the class!

Classes always limited to 10 students.

I hope you will join us,!
Click here to register today

Take care and we’ll talk. If you have any ideas for eNotes lessons or a song you’d like to learn in a PianoPalooza class, just let me know in the comment section under the video.
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