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How to Play Half Rolls
June 06, 2021

Sunday, June 6, 2021


Today’s lesson is all about the infamous half roll which is totally awesome!
This half roll technique for the left hand creates space and flow in your songs. I use it all the time for ballads.
Have a listen then get to your piano and try it out for yourself.

Click Here for Video Lesson

Next Live PianoPalooza class

The date for the next one night one song class will be THURSDAY, JUNE 10 at 7pm. The song is the beautiful ballad “Moon River”
You can sign up by clicking the link below. You will attend a small live 1 hour class with me which will be followed up by a 15-20 minute video summary. You will also receive the chart as well as the music notation for all of the chords.

Until next time, please keep playing your magnificent piano!!


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