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January 17, 2021

Sunday, January 17, 2021


Today's lesson is all about the fabulous minor chord. Talk about creating a bit of a melancholy mood, well, the minor chord is THE chord to do that.

Truth is, most songs have a combination of minor and major chords. But whenever I see a minor chord in a chart, especially a jazz chart, I add what is called "extended" harmony to it. Extended harmony are notes that go beyond the triad and seventh.

In this lesson, I am showing you two beautiful voicings for a minor chord, one with more extensions than the other. I use these voicings all the time when I play!!

When you use these voicings at home and practice them (the best and only way to really learn them, of course), I suggest going around the circle of fifths with the minor keys. You can also just go up the scale chromatically and play these minor voicings. So you could start with C minor, then go to C# minor, then D minor etc..

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I hope playing music and watching eNotes brings you comfort and peace right now.
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