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February 14, 2021

Sunday, February 14, 2021


Last week, we talked about how to end a song. This week, it's how to introduce your songs.

Here is one of many ways that I introduce a song. An introduction sets the mood or ambience for what you are about to play. If your song is a slow ballad, this would totally determine the introduction you use and how you would play it.

Give this one a try on one of your favorite songs. I demonstrate the intro in the key of C, then put it into action in the song "Like Someone in Love" which is in the key of Eb.

Click Here for Video Lesson

I hope you enjoyed the lesson. Please share the video or comment if you are so inclined! And if you have any ideas for future eNotes lessons, I am all ears!

Happy Valentines Day,. Be loving to yourself.

With affection,
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