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New Video and Webinar
September 10, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015,

First, I would like to announce the next WEBINAR! It will be held on Thursday, September 24th at 7:30PM. There is a limit of 15 people. The topic is more techniques for the Left Hand. The cost is $39 and everyone who registers will receive the Expressions DVD digitally. This is a continuation of the earlier class but you didn't need to attend that class first.

Once you are registered, a link will be sent to you prior to the class which will allow you entrance into the class.

Click Here to View Your Invitation!

Your video lesson this week continues where we left off last week. Here is a 3 minute video going over five more techniques for breaking up the left hand. These techniques are contained in the new DVD coming out in October so you are getting a special free preview!

Watch This Video

That's all for today. Have a super terrific cay and remember,
love your piano and it will love you back!

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