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PianoPalooza DVD
August 11, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016


"Whenever I'm with him, something inside starts to burning and I'm filled with desire. Could it be the devil in me or is this the way love's supposed to be? It's like a HEATWAVE"

Yesiree, people, it's a veritable heatwave. With the exception of the dangerous drought conditions, I am loving it. I could use a tad less humidity but otherwise I say, bring it on. But that's just me. My husband says I should have lived in Florida cause I can take the heat so I don't have to get out of the proverbial kitchen.

So, I am very excited to be announcing the new DVD program called PianoPalooza that should be launching very soon!! Here's me talking to you in person about my baby (the DVD). My real "babies" are 16 and 18. Yikes!

Click To Learn More About PianoPalooza!

Be well. I hope you are squeezing the most out of summer as it winds down. Gosh, that sounds depressing but really it's not. September is super great. Love the start of the new school year and the beautiful colors and light.

Remember to Love your piano and it will love you back!
p.s. gotta learn Bruce Hornsby's "That's Just the Way It is". Got a request for it at a gig on Friday night. That's a toughie but a goodie, don't ya think?

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