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Video eNotes - Jazz Voicings
August 09, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010


How are you? I know, it's been a while...... I was on vacation in Vermont and am now ready to roll. So get out those piano fingers and let's learn something new, shall we? Once upon a time, it all began with a dream, the dream of tickling those ivories like Herbie Hancock..........

Video Piano Lesson

Fall Classes

In next week's eNotes, I will give you a full listing of all upcoming classes in and around the Boston area. Heh, I'd love to travel to Australia or New Zealand so if any subscribers there want to organize a seminar I will happily traverse the world to come to you!

I mean it, seriously. For that matter, if you live in Chicago or Minneapolis or anywhere outside of New England and can organize a group of 15 or more people for a class, I could fly to you (come fly with me, come fly come fly away as Sinatra says). Think about it.........

talk soon and enjoy the rest of summer!!
Debbie Gruber, B.M., M.M

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