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Be a Smooth Operator
December 10, 2016

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Today's lesson is all about creating a nice smooth sound. What do I mean by this? Well, when you are moving from chord to chord, there quite often are common tones, tones that are shared between the notes. So if you keep those tones where they are, you will have an easy, breezy transition!

I demonstrate this concept using the song "Somewhere in My Memory" from Home Alone. The chords I am using are Dmaj7 - F#m7 - Gmaj7 - F#m7 -Em7 - Dmaj7 -Em7 - A7.

Watch How It's Done


My 16 year old son, Joe, loves Star Wars! You all probably know that the latest movie, Rogue One, is coming out on December 16th, less than one week away!
Joe has started a Star Wars channel called Greedo Shot 2nd. Take a look at some of his great short videos on his channel and subscribe, share and like it if you do. I think it's great, of course!

Star Wars Channel

We'll talk next week. Take a breath and be still. If you listen very quietly, you'll hear your piano whispering ever so sweetly, "play me, play me"

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