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March 26, 2015

First FREE Webinar of

Tuesday, April 14th, 7-7:45PM

This Webinar will teach you how to play "A Sunday Kind of Love" and "If I Were a Rich Man". You will learn techniques such as stride and syncopated half rolls. I will be sitting right at my keyboard with the camera facing the keyboard so you can see everything I am doing (just like eNotes lessons but live). Plus I will explain everything thoroughly!
Every student will receive the charts for both songs and a free video (mp4) recording of the class.

There is a class limit of 25 so enroll now if you'd like to guarantee a spot. I will be teaching this class live. Feel free to pass this registration link on to anyone else you think could benefit from this webinar!

Once you register, you will receive the toll-free number and access code for entering the class via phone plus a link for entering online. That's all there is to it!
Feel free to contact me with any questions through the website or on Facebook (which is getting a total overhaul!)

Register Now for Free Webinar

And remember, love your piano and it will love you back
All my best,

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