Where's the Music?

Hello Everybody!

I'm sitting here in Panera in sunny Florida. It's April vacation and here we are in Sarasota. Started out in Boston and drove 10 hours to Washington D.C.. then we took the Auto train to Florida and here we are!

The only, and I mean only, music I have heard in 6 days is easy listening (isn't that what it's called?) music. Or maybe elevator music is the old-fashioned term for it. It just ALL sounds the same. So homogenized. All saxophone, smooth jazz but ugh..... where's the music. I mean it. I miss dissonance. I miss clashing chords and a sad melody perhaps. I miss some interesting rhythms and what about a singer? Where's the meat? It's like eating chocolate cream pie all day. Sure, it's delicious but where's the variety? Where's the passion? Where's the beef?!!

Which brings me to the central question here. Should music always be pretty? should it be easy on the ears? No, I say. Music should be real, like life, sometimes pretty, sometimes sad, sometimes disturbing, sometimes heavenly, and even maddeningly dissonant. And that is what this "easy listening" music is lacking. I don't even hear it anymore. Normally, if there were music playing, I couldn't even type this blog entry to you. But I have no problem whatsoever today. I don't even hear this music.

So bring on the dissonance and tension. Even rainy days feel great once in a while.

Goodbye for now!
Debbie Gruber, B.M., M.M.

Easy Piano Styles


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