Practicing for Success - Using the Metronome!

The world of piano players seems to me to be divided into metronome lovers and metronome haters. Well, you guessed it, I am a metronome lover. Now let me qualify this. I don't use it for playing the song itself, but for practicing (which is very different from playing) Metronomes provide a measuring tool. Increase the spped incrementally and you will hear and see your progress. You will see the results of your labor and will have more motivation to keep practicing.

One day you can play a phrase of music at mm. 55 and 3 days later you can play it at m.70! Now that's improvement.
Another benefit of the Metronome is that it reinforces the "inner pulse" of music. What do I mean by this? All music has a pulse behind it that ties the whole song together. It is the foundation of every song. All music functions within this framework of that pulse.

The steady "click or beep" of the metronome develops that sense of pulse in you so that all of your music holds together.

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Debbie Gruber, B.M.,M.M.
Easy Piano Styles

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