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Elegant Embellishments DVD now available!!
October 16, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014


We are finally ready to introduce our new DVD called "Elegant Embellishments"!! Yipee!! It is now available not only digitally but in physical form. I am so excited for you to see it! Here's what is looks like and what it includes.This is a long time in the making (1 year) and we think it is worth the wait for sure!

1. Walk Up
2. Staircase
3. Straddle
4. Upper Structure #1
5. Upper Structure #2
6. Arpeggios
7. RH Bllues Riffs
8. LH Blues Riffs
9. Cascade
10. Turns


To learn more about this DVD and other educational materials we have made to help move your piano playing up a notch, follow this link.
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That's it for today. Remember.....

love your piano (and puppy) and it (he or she) will love you back!(unless you steal their piece of chicken that fell off the kitchen counter)
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