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Blues Improv
July 05, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


How are you doing on this gorgeous Tuesday morning? We're going to start off July with a great lesson on beginning improvisation.

W're using the 12-bar blues form (just 3 chords) and then using the song "Freres Jacques" as a stepping-off point for improvising.

This is called Musical Quotation when you use pre-existing melodies as a basis for either composition or improvisation. This practice is done a lot in jazz.

It's really amazing how creative you can get with a few simple notes!

Video Piano Lesson

Not only has the whole "look and feel" of the front page of the website been redone, but I also have a brand new blog that you can read and comment on. Here's the link. I hope you check it out. I'd love to hear from you with suggested topics.

New Blog

Upcoming Classes!

Have a wonderful day.

p.s. And check out all of the instructional resources that will help you achieve your goals of being the best pianist (and singer!) that you can be. Some new items have been added and it's easier than ever to find what you are looking for. Just click on the icons.

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