Debbie Gruber Classes

Comments from students in Debbie's "Instant Piano for Hopelessly Busy People" class

"The class text and CD were excellent"

"I went from knowing very little about music to learning a lot about music structure,"

"The teacher was very knowledgeable."

"I liked Debbie's singing and piano playing and her patience and enthusiasm"

"I like Debbie's teaching style, her easy explanations of music concepts and the excellent materials that came with the class"

"I loved the materials and the method was great"

"Amazing new way to approach piano playing!"

"Awesome! I hope to see Debbie again for another class"

"Loved it! Motivated me to continue learning. Made it seem more feasible to learn. Debbie was great . . patient, interesting and fun"

"I was pleasantly surprised that she knew both standard and current musical styles"

"Thank you for the wonderful teaching. This class has been a huge deal to me!"

"Debbie was patient, clear and very helpful"

"I overcame my fear of learning/made piano approachable for me and I learned a surprising amount of useful information"

"Debbie was very upbeat and knowledgeable"

"This class was a great introduction for a novice. The teacher was very patient."

"I walked away with more confidence for playing"

"The teacher was outstanding!"

"The theory was clearly presented and demonstrated and the ability to practice on the keyboard was great"

"The instructor was clear, concise, entertaining, knew what she was doing, and got it across to us".

Comments from students in Debbie's "Shower Singing in Public" class

"The class exceeded my expectations. Debbie's teaching style was awesome!"

"She showed me how to project my voice and gave exercises to work on to strengthen it. The individual attention was wonderful."

"This class was excellent in every way. Great exercises and feedback. No negatives!

"I actually sang alone in front of others for the first time in my life! I never thought any class could get me to do that."

"I enjoyed the concepts,the techniques, the instructor, and the students. We all listened, learned and shared our voices. A great opportunity."

"The class went above and beyond my expectations."

"It was great. The instructor is very good and was able to achieve participation without making us feel self-conscious. Lots of great information and techniques"

"The night went too fast"

"I enjoyed everything but especially the part of expressing phrases while singing"

"I most liked the physical/visceral movements to help affect the voice and breath. Great teacher and teaching style"

"Deb was very hands on. I felt very included in the class. Deb moved from one topic to another very smoothly and it all connected in the end"

"The class helped me by giving me insight into improving my vocal range"

"We were able to start right in with exercises that made a noticeable improvement! The whole experience was extremely positive"

"Debbie made me feel comfortable to sing and I could see the changes in my voice"

"I would like more one-day singing workshops. The class more than met my expectations! I never imagined I would hear such significant change in my voice in only 3 hours"

"I enjoyed the non-threatening atomosphere of the class and Debbie, who was very knowledgable and good at imparting her knowledge. The breathing exercises were useful, too."

"Debbie made it very comfortable for those who are shy with their voice"

"Debbie is an exceptional teacher. She uses techniques we can identify with. The class was structured and great fun as well. She inspired confidence in even the most nervous participants."

"Debbie is a phenomenal, fun teacher"

"I overcame my fear of learning. This made the piano approachable for me and I learned a surprising amount of useful information. Debbie made me comfortable. Thanks. Great class!"

"Instructor was very upbeat and knowledgeable"

"Very positive . . . fun, knowledgeable teacher. Learned much more than I anticipated I would"

"This class exceeded my expectations. I learned things that are actually simple, but only if someone tells you!"

"It was exactly what I was looking for. She didn't just tell me to breathe from my diaphragm, which doesn't mean anything to me, but she showed me how to do it and explained how to use my voice in various ways."

"The instructor was congenial and managed to accomodate people at different levels. She gave some individual attention to all of us."

"The instructor was very clear and easy to follow and there was just enough content to make me feel a lot more competent without being overwhelmed."

"I had tried learning chords from a book previously and had no success at all. I really feel I can master them after this class. Thank you."

Private Lessons

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