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Think You've Got to Start With Beginner Method Books? No Way. Here's the Forbidden Cure. It's Piano Made Easy! And Traditional Classical Teachers Don't Teach This Approach. You Defintely Want to Learn It!

Play it Now and Read It Later!

Debbie's students have go on to perform in Disney and nationally-acclaimed a cappella groups, orchestrate music on Broadway, and have been nominated as Best Collegiate Singer in 2009.

Hello. Debbie Gruber here and here is my story. When I was in high school, I had been taking classical piano lessons for nine years. I really loved my teacher and enjoyed playing Mozart but I always felt something was missing and I yearned to play by ear and to play popular music.

Well, one day, when I was a senior I wandered into the chorus room at Lexington High School (in Lexington, MA)during lunch hour and there was a girl sitting there playing the piano. She wasn't just playing, she was having a ball!

I was so jealous. She wasn't using any music!

She was improvising on chords, playing the blues, playing popular music and just having a grand old time. This is what I wanted so much to be able to do but my beloved teacher didn't know how to teach me.

So I then found out about a teacher at a local music school in Boston who played jazz. I set up a lesson with him. I went to his studio, paid him $50 and the lesson lasted 20 minutes. He gave me a piece of paper and just dictated numbers to me that he wanted me to write down. I had no idea what these meant and he obviously wasn't interested in explaining them. Needless to say, I never returned.

Frustrated that the jazz teacher wasn't interested in explaining anything to me and that my own classical teacher didn't have the pop/jazz background to help me, I gave up on my dream of learning to play popular piano.

Fast forward to six years later

I found a man in Western Massachusetts who played piano in a piano bar every night. He liked to teach and he enjoyed the company during the day. Finally! This was the beginning of my journey into playing popular music. I soaked up all of the information he so generously gave me - chords, voicings, songs, embellishements, and I practiced and practiced.

That was one of the best musical years of my life because of that man (whom I've been unable to track down now. I think he lives in Florida

I then went on to study music, get a Master of Music degree from Western Michigan University, teach high school, perform,author books on playing the piano, operate a vibrant music school in Boston and start this website to help people learn how to play piano the fun way!

Do you know that you CAN learn to play a song on the piano with NO PREVIOUS LESSONS, with both hands, in one hour by playing this way?

It's absolutely true and I teach this method everyday.

I have been teaching this non-traditional method for fourteen years now at over twenty-five adult education centers and colleges. And I teach my classes often four times a year at the same location because the class is so popular!

For the beginning adult student, I've created a program to help you play the music you love

quickly while having a lot of fun to boot!

It's all about the chords.

Let me repeat that with bold capital letters.


I can show you how to accompany yourself singing. Or you could accompany a group sing-a-long or play in a band. Imagine having a party where YOU are the entertainer. It can be done. I promise you.

How do I do this? What will bring you to this musical gratification and joy?

The Piano Express!

The Piano Express Book and CD program is your vehicle to the land of playing popular music. I use it in hundreds of classes and it works.

This comprehensive 44-page Book and CD (20 tracks!) is ready to go! This beginner method for adults starts at the very basic level of learning right hand melody notes. Then it introduces the student to the Major, Minor, Dominant Seventh and Minor Seventh chords.

Songs used for demonstration are from the traditional, folk, pop, and show tune idioms. This is a non-traditional, non-classical method consisting of playing by ear and reading chords. Boring note-reading is over. Let music-making begin.

Students also learn basic techniques for accompaniment and how to transpose songs into their key for singing. All chords are diagrammed on a keyboard "map" for ease in learning them. Every song and technique is demonstrated slowly and clearly on the accompanying CD.


Here are some valuable lessons you will learn from this program:

** Surprisingly simple method for learning all 12 Major Chords. This will help you immeasurably in memorizing your chords based on visual patterns rather than note-reading.

**How to finally be able to read from a fake book - We will de-mystify the process and show you just what those symbols mean

**Learn how to accompany yourself singing! This is a pretty simple process based on solid musical concepts that you have learned in the book. Learn techniques for accompanying a slow ballad and an up-tempo tune.

**Learn three great formulas for constructing major, minor, and seventh chords.

**Stop buying sheet music for $3.95 a song. Develop your own arrangements. It's a much more creative approach to playing the piano! You design how you want to play a song. This program shows you how.

**Learn how to transpose any song into your key. Many people don't realize how easy this is to do and how much of a difference it can make when you are playing with others.

**Learn a very easy trick for figuring out what "key" you are playing in. Then learn the predictable chords that will go with that key. This accelerates the learning process ten-fold.

**Tricks for reading a melody line with your right hand, even if you don't know all of the notes yet. Focus on the intervals (you'll learn what those are) and what that means to your right hand piano playing.

**No more the bass clef! Everything is melody line and chord. Takes the pressure off all of that tedious note-reading.

So now for the cost of less than one 1/2 hour piano lesson, you will get 6 months worth of lessons that will take you from where you are now to sitting down at your piano or keyboard and playing the music you love to play.

It's worth the $25 investment.

Try The Piano Express RISK-FREE for 90 Days. This is our guarantee to you. You can easily get a refund if you are not 100% satisfied!

I stand totally behind this program that took one year to launch and of which I am very proud. I know it can help you make the kind of music you want to make at the piano.

Let piano playing bring years of joy to your life finally.
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