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We have taught Skype lessons to students in RUSSIA, PAKISTAN, and all across the United States (Georgia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island)

Listen to what a SKYPE student, Sandy, has to say....

Listen to what another SKYPE student, Andy, has to say...

* Extremely Convenient and Cost Effective. Very FLexible Schedule - Lessons can be in the morning or night or anytime in between that is mutually convenient.

*No Travel Costs or Weather Issues! It's a wonderful thing, not having to worry about snow or traffic. Never even leave your living room.

*You Can Live ANYWHERE and I Can Teach You. This is one of the coolest parts. I can teach you if you are in Russia or India. It makes no difference. Skype goes everywhere!

*Very Easy To Set Up

*Free Initial Consultation On Skype



Listen to what students have to say about their custom DVDs...

Anthony from Phoenix, AR

Dave from Ohio

Bob from Monroe Township, New Jersey

*You Decide the Topic And/Or Song. Just fill out a brief Piano Assessment form and I will design a lesson for you.

*DVD Mailed To You OR Private Link from YouTube. You can download the link onto your mobile device for convenience.

*$99 for a Customized DVD, 30-40 minutes (includes time for recording, set-up, burning, downloading onto YouTube, shipping, and designing personalized plan for lesson)

Watch a Sample Lesson from a Personal DVD

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