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Gee, I'm feeling "Blue"!
November 06, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


First, I need to apologize for it taking me nearly two weeks to get this video out to you. I like to send lessons out every week but I got behind with other pressing musical things so I am sorry!

I am very excited to be giving you this lesson on the blues because I think that learning the blues scales and form are so valuable for improvising and adding that "cool" factor to your pop music. Since the blues is the foundation of all popular music (this includes R&B, jazz, folk, rock, gospel, soul, pop), it is a very worthwhile and incredibly fun subject to explore! Let's go.....

Click Here for Video Lesson on the Blues

The 12-bar blues is a great form to begin your study of the blues. First practice your scale, then the chords in this order, then try putting them together.

Here is the 12-bar blues form in G. Each chord symbol represents a measure.


Next week we will go into more detail about the form and how to put the hands together. We will also explore ways to use this scale in your songs!

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Talk soon and remember, love your piano and it will love you back!
All the best,

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