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Blues Intro and Ending
January 16, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014


This video lesson teaches you a great trick for introducing a song (and ending it). It has a bluesy feel to it and can be used for a swing or blues tune. I hope you enjoy it and will try it out in various keys!

Video Piano Lesson

If you like these video lessons, consider taking Skype lessons with me! It doesn't matter where you, I can teach you in your living room! Wanna learn cool jazz voicings or blues riffs? How about a special song you have always wanted to play? I can help you with this. I have two openings at this time, so pop me an email if you'd like to try out a lesson at to discuss your needs.

Skype Piano

That's all for today, folks. Be well and remember.....
Love your piano and it will love you back!
all my best,

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