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Cool Chord Voicing
April 21, 2018

Saturday, April 21, 2018


How are you doing? Great, I hope!

This week's lesson is about playing a seventh chord (C7, F7, G7 etc..) with both hands and adding #5 and b5, common ways to alter the seventh chord. I think you will love this!

I play a lot of cocktail hour wedding receptions and I probably use this chord voicing 50 times in one gig. Maybe more!! I should count tomorrow. Better yet, maybe not.

I hope you will try this one out all around the circle of fifths so you get to know it intimately!!

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That's all for today! I will be going to Costa Rica soon but will get another lesson out to you before I leave.

Have a great weekend! "Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in...."
Remember, love your piano and it will love you back!

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