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Playing Around With Melody!
October 10, 2017

Tuesday October 10, 2017


So today's lesson is a little bit of an experiment. I am going "unplugged" as it were. Once in a while I like to talk to you face to face. Heh, I'm more than just my hands here!

So I turned the camera on me and here's what you get. No fancy lighting or makeup, just plain ole me! Then I most awkwardly attach the camera and on with the lesson!

This lesson is about harmonizing a melody by playing (usually) a third under the melody note as long as it goes with the chord. I demonstrate using the song "Black Orpheus", a bossa song by Luis Bonfa.

Wait, hold your horses. No, I mean hold your half notes! I talk to you a little bit about personal SKYPE lessons too. Been doing a fair amount of those lately and its remarkably fun and easy.

Need a musical check-up? I will check your vitals (rhythm, technique, notes, coordination, chords, voicings, etc...)

Ok, on with the show......

Click Here to Watch Lesson

If you live in Massachusetts, there is another PIANO NITE coming up on October 20th, Friday night, at the Boston Center for Adult Education. 2 openings! You will learn to play one song in one night!

Thinking it will be Coldplay's "Yellow". And you all know I am obsessed with Coldplay. (Or did you?)


Be well. With much love and appreciation for watching and reading! You're the best.

And remember, love your piano and it will love you back!

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