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improvise around the ii-V7-I progressionv
January 10, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I am very happy right now for three reasons. Can I tell you about them?

1. I just had a recital of all of my middle and high school students and it was so great! I love recitals because students, parents, friends and I all get to see the musical growth of these young people. And the fact that I am contributing to that makes me feel so good!!

2. It's 40 degrees outside and sunny. In the northeast of US, we've just broken out of a long, long cold snap. So utterly painful. Could barely walk from the car to my house (which is 4 feet away). Anyway, been there done that we hope!!

3. We are starting an Membership Club. When you join, you will receive a full length video on how to play one song every month. Working on all the details but just giving you the heads up!
This week's lesson is a continuation from last week's lesson. We take that same ii7-V7-I progression and add a different melodic riff with the right hand.

You will see this progression in literally every song you play if you look for it. Look for it, look for it. Here it comes! Ba BAM! Not only do you want to be able to recognize and play it easily with the left hand, but you want to learn to add to it with the right hand for embellishment and improvisation. This video will help with that!

Click Here to Watch Lesson

Have a great day and we'll talk next week! If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see in the Membership Club, please send me an email from the Contact Page. I'm all ears!!


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