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Love That Dissonance
June 06, 2018

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018


Your last lesson was on a voicing to a a ninth to your major chord. This lesson takes it a step further and adds a SHARP ninth to your chord (you can think of it as a flatted third if it makes it easier. I think of it that way and it helps)

As is always the case, this voicing (for the right hand this time) will not always sound good. As a matter of fact, you need to use this judiciously (love that word, but I don't use it often, kinda like this voicing). But placed on the right chord and at the right time within the melody it ROCKS!

Try this going around the circle of fifths (of course, you knew I was gonna say that didn't you?).Then use it in a song.

Click Here to Watch Lesson

I will be performing at the Boston Convention Center tonight for the International Biotechnology Convention Can't wait. Wish me luck! I will surely use those sharp ninth voicings that I just taught you.

Be well and I'll send another video soon. Making up for those lost weeks!!
I wish you the best of life.

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