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What are Suspensions?
August 09, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Do you like Carole King music? I sure do. I actually started reading her memoir "Natural Woman" and it is really terrific!

So what does Carole King have to do with suspension chords? She uses them in all of her songs! Even if your chart doesn't SAY to play a suspension, chances are it will sound great if you put one in!

So, there are two kinds of suspensions. Today, you will learn about the more common one which is technically called a 4-3 suspension. But your chart will not say that. It will say Csus for example.

So what do you play for Csus? You replace the third of the chord with the note that is 1/2 step above it. So you would play C F and G. That's it! Usually after you play the suspension (which is the F), you will lower it to the 3rd of the chord.
If you aren't sure you understand it, just watch this video and it should clear it all up!

Click Here to Watch

Sorry to be out of touch for so long! I was on vacation in Colorado Springs with two friends. I was busy looking at majestic red structures, green mountains and gorgeous waterfalls. I would include pictures here but am having technical difficulties downloading them!

I hope you are well, still playing piano and enjoying your summer.

Much love and appreciation,

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