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got no rhythm?
August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Let's talk about rhythm for a moment, because, well, it is a very important part of music. I would argue that it is THE most important aspect of music. Next comes harmony, then melody. But that's just my opinion!

In all of my private and classroom teaching, I realize more and more what an issue rhythm is for many students. And especially with pop/jazz playing and playing by ear, rhythm is of particular importance. You are only reading the melody, the rest of the playing, coordinating the right and left hand, is a rhythmic challenge.

So this lesson breaks it down a bit and offers tips on how to develop this coordination.


Rhythm Lesson - Audio Postcard

Playing With Style - book and CDs

Lots of my classes are now listed on the web-site. Come check out a new class like Playing by Ear or Playing the Blues. If you have any suggestions for classes you would like me to offer, I'd love to hear them.

I did meet Antje Duvekot last week for dinner and she was very interesting to speak with. Now, the real work begins.... transcribing it all - ah the dreaded transcribing! In the meantime, I guess word is catching on about eNotes because I am getting requests from people to be interviewed now. I used to have to chase them now they come to me!!

Well, enjoy the rest of the fleeting summer. Play, practice, listen and go hear live artists. There's nothing like it.

Debbie, B.M.,M.M.

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