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Whole Tone Scale
November 15, 2018

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Well, welcome to another issue of eNotes!

In this issue, you will learn all about the Whole Tone Scale. The cool thing about the whole tone scale to me is that it incorporates many of the key notes that are used in jazz!

The Whole Tone Scale consists of the Root, Second, Third, flatted Fifth, sharp Fifth, and flatted Seventh note. This is all in relation to the Major Scale.

So, let me give you an example in the key of C. You would play the following notes:

In the video, you will see my demonstrating this scale as well as the Whole Tone Scale in the key of G as well.

Enjoy and practice around the circle of fifths, as usual, right?!

Click Here to Watch Lesson

And for lots more information, techniques and embellishments, click on this link!

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We'll talk again next week,. I'm gonna figure out a way to do some "face to face" talking with you at the beginning of the lessons. Stay tuned. I have received comments that some of you would like to have that added to the lessons which I think is a great idea!

Have a nice weekend and stay warm!


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