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Sure, You Can Read the Notes, But Why Can't You Really Play?

Deb at the Piano
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What if you could play popular piano music without buying costly arrangements?

What if you could play the songs you love just by learning the chords?

What if you could play terrific sounding songs without reading notes?

Well, this is all true.

Most professional musicians play this way. But hardly any piano teacher that I know actually teaches this way. They focus on reading the notes. If you have a working knowledge of the Treble clef, you have a great running start.

All you have to do then is learn your chords and then the patterns and riffs that go with them.

What next?

You learn the chords but that's only a part of the whole shabang. What do you do with these chords once you've learned them? There is tons to know!

You can play those same chords and make them sound like a jazz song or a gospel song. Take the same song and completely change it's feel. Did you know that you could play "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as a country ballad or in a spiritual style? You certainly can, once you know the tricks..

This way of playing is creative, fun and endlessly stimulating.

You are no longer tied to the page of music. And by playing this way, you will understand the underpinnings of music, the building blocks. Once you understand the building blocks (which is the theory, but people get scared when I call it that!)you can "build" your own song.

You can sit at the piano, take out your fake book and literally play to your heart's content. Whether you have been playing for years or are just beginning, there is so much to learn. And you'll have a blast doing it.

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