Chords TO GO - CD $15.99

In this CD, you will learn:

*Drills on how to play ALL 12 MAJOR, MINOR,SEVENTH, and MINOR SEVENTH chords.That's 48 chords!

*How to memorize the various parts of the chord (root, third, fifth and seventh)

*How to play chord inversions so that your chord progressions sound smooth and easy.

*How to play, hear and identify chords.

This CD will really teach and more importantly TEST you on your knowledge of the basic 48 chords INSIDE AND OUT. You are asked to play, sing or say the notes in the chords and are then given the answer with sung and played tones.
,br>This is a "must-have" for anyone who is serious about learning their chords quickly so that they can pick up any song in any fake book and play!