Fills and Frills DVD - $18.99

This newest addition to our musical catalogue will help you to embellish a melody with the right hand so your sound is sophisticated and polished! 

1. Harmonizing the Melody- Learn how to use notes in the chord to play underneath the melody.
2. Harmonizing with 3rds and 6ths-Discover how harmonizing with notes that are a third and a sixth below the melody will greatly enhance the sound.
3. Turns, Mordents and Grace Notes-Use techniques from the Baroque era to add flair and elegance to your melody line
4. Trills and Tremolos-More Baroque techniques for added interest.
5. Blues Notes-Use simple blues notes (flatted third, fifth and seventh) to give a cool "groove" to your music.
6. Doubling and Raising Melody One Octave-Learn the easy trick of doubling the melody and raising the melody to give a wider palette of sounds to your song.
7. Locked Hands-This very cool George Shearing technique will give you a classic jazz sound.
8. Runs-Use different scales to fill in between melody notes. This adds so much in between phrases.
9. Syncopation of Melody-Learn how you can embellish the melody by altering the melody in interesting rhythmic ways.
10. Hiccups and Seesaws-These two simple tricks will give gentle fills both rhythmically and melodically.