The Color of Blues - Book and 2 DVDs - $45

The Color Blues program includes forty two  lessons in playing the blues.  In this comprehensive program, you will learn:

  • The 12 Bar Blues form (and variations) in the key of C major
  • Two and three note blues/jazz voicings for the left and right hands
  • The C Blues scale (the basis for beginning improvisation)
  • Six popular blues riffs for the right hand
  • Four Boogie and walking bass patterns for the left hand
  • Beginning improvisational techniques

These blues riffs, voicings, scales, boogie patterns and improv lessons can be used when playing the 12 Bar blues. They can also be incorporated into jazz and pop songs (especially R&B, gospel, and rock) as embellishments and accompaniment.

Each pattern is clearly notated in large print and all lessons are explained carefully and demonstrated slowly in a two-four minute video.

The blues is the foundation of all popular music, including rock, gospel, folk, R&B, jazz, soul, and contemporary.  So when you learn the blues, you are adding class and authenticity to all of your songs!