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Number One Secret to Adding Instant Musicality to Your Piano Playing

I do a lot of private teaching these days, both piano and singing. I was teaching a piano lesson to a 12 year old boy the other day. I realized in the middle of the lesson that the main reason his music sounded so musical was that he used something that so many people don't use when they play the piano.

Was he getting all the notes? For the most part, yes. Were his rhythms accurate? Yes. But even with those two elements in place, it wouldn't have been enough. There was something less tangible and far more effective.

Did you guess what it is yet? It's DYNAMICS. So so important. Dynamics are getting louder and softer, essentially shaping a phrase. That bears repeating. Dynamics add shape and line to music.

I think that teachers and students alike tend to overlook and undervalue this part of music which I think is one of the central cores of music. For without dynamics, you are simply playing a series of notes with no meaning or connection to one another.

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