Piano Blog - Music on the Elementary School Bus

It was 3PM and my son's bus was due to come barreling up the street, around the corner and to our house. I was waiting for Joe, my fourth-grader. From the distance, I can hear some music coming from the bus. As it approaches, I see hands waving in the air in the bus and loud singing of the children. They are singing the words to the hit pop song "Dynamite". They are so excited and full of life that it practically makes me cry. As Joe gets off the bus, he gives me a smile and keeps singing. I am so happy that he has a bus driver who knows the power of music to soothe, excite, unite and give pleasure. Music has this affect on all of us. It heals, motivates, inspires and gives immense relief and joy and energy. Who needs coffee and alcohol, now really??


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