No Piano at the Mall

Well, I guess I've really joined the 21st century now. I am blogging at the mall while my daughter and her friend go shopping. I don't care for the mall so much so I am killing time at the Apple Store. Now this is kind of fun typing on a MacBook. What does this have to do with music?

I'm going to give you a play by play of the music that's being played while I'm here. So far so good! First was the Eyes of March, a latin jazz tune. Then Ticket to Ride just stopped. What is next? Both of those songs you could learn to play on the piano. Oh, no..... the music has stopped and the vibe just isn't the same here. Gotta have that background music going.

Ah, here it is. Sounds like a David Bowie song that I don't know but I still appreciate it.

Now onto American Idol. I love the show and think that the new judges, JLo and Steven Tyler are great. Steven Tyler actually lives one hour from me and was shopping for pianos at Martin Snow Piano Shop in Marshield where i used to teach!Anyway, they have great chemistry and constructive comments. The focus of the show is back where it should be, on the contestants.

Well, how's that for random thoughts. Time to leave, find a cozy chair and read my What Really Matters book.....

Have a nice day!

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