Playing Mama Mia Song By Ear

Last week, I was teaching a piano lesson to a little 5-year old child, Cathryn. Her mother and younger 4-year old brother, Michael always stay during the lesson and sit on the couch.

At the end of the lesson, Michael starting singing the theme song to the Mama Mia movie that he loved. He sang it with such excitement and joy. I was really moved. I said to him, "you know, I can play that song on the piano" and his face, as well as his mother's lit up. So I walked over to the piano and played the song.

Their jaws were dropped to the floor. Was it because I played the song in such an profound way? I don't think so. But Cathryn's mother said to me "You have no idea how amazed I am by what you just did".

This just got me thinking about our own unique talent and skills. While this was nothing for me to play, it totally impressed this family. Something that I took for granted was a complete mystery to them and they were incredulous.

I am certain that the mom has skills and talents that would blow me away. I know she does. She is the mother of a down-syndrome child, an autistic child and two other beautiful children and she carries herself through life with humor, warmth and courage. Oh, and did I mention she has survived breast cancer?

We all have unique lives - gifts, talents, and skills that we can develop and explore. Let's never take for granted what we have and try to appreciate the talents of others.

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